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  1. MOLLE II Standard Pack, Desert Camo

    MOLLE II Standard Pack, Desert Camo

    Retail Price: $179.99

    Our Price: $99.99

    This is an assembled MOLLE II Standard Pack, including a Gen-IV Frame, Shoulder Straps, Waistbelt, Rucksack, and Sleep System Carrier, assembled according to the official MOLLE II Care and Use Manual. All parts are made by Specialty Defense Systems, Inc, except for the frame, which is made by Downeast Inc, and all parts are GENUINE Military Issue. Brand new condition, individual parts come to us still sealed in bags. Non-plastic items are constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura and nylon threading, which is mold and mildew resistant and water-repellant. All plastic is ITW Fastex GhillieTex Infrared Reduction polymer.
    NSN 8465-01-491-7519
    3000 Cubic Inch capacity
    Front claymore pocket & Inner attachment rings for Radio Pocket
    Transparent plastic 4" x 3" ID panel
    Top flap has velcro-closure 16" x 16"clear plastic map panel
    Sleep System Carrier:
    NSN 8465-01-491-7508
    1600 Cubic Inch capacity
    D-Rings on each side
    Transparent plastic 4" x 3" ID panel
    Shoulder Straps:
    NSN 8465-01-491-7513
    Strong 4-strap&buckle attachment to frame
    Large padded back panel and 2" wide support strap
    D-Ring on each strap
    Easily adjust weight of pack from hips to shoulders and back on the fly!

    Waist Belt:
    NSN 8465-01-491-7429
    Newer curved construction sits on hips better
    New GT FE Blast Buckle with friction-lock sides
    2 rows of PALS Webbing on either side

    Gen-IV Frame:
    NSN 8465-01-519-6440
    Better more comfortable countoured shape
    Reinforced panels where bag tabs are supported
    More durable polymer--5x more impact resistant
    Stronger construction and better weight distribution
    Learn More
  2. Parachute Harness

    Parachute Harness

    Retail Price: $14.95

    Our Price: $9.95

    Parachute Weapons & Individual Equipment Harness: Harness attaches to parachute harness for troops to carry extra supplies with them when doing jump drops. The soldier just releases the equipment before he gets to the ground. The harness has top quality government hardware that includes: * All hardware fits 1 3/4 inch wide webbing 8 buckles that are quick release like you see on the shoulder straps of the newer GI double strap duffle bags 3 Heavy-duty snap hooks 1 Triangular shaped D-ring style buckle Approx. 30 feet of OD nylon webbing 16 feet of 7 1/16 in. dia. OD nylon rope We sell a lot of these to people who need the very best buckles and snaps you can buy for making harnesses, outfitting gear for horses or river expeditions, etc. New, GI. Some buckles may have corrosion from storage. Learn More
  3. Steel Stake

    Steel Stake

    Our Price: $2.49

    Steel Stake
    Measures Approximately 23 1/2" x 3" May have some dirt/rust from storage. Learn More
  4. Suspender Trousers M-1950

    Suspender Trousers M-1950

    Retail Price: $4.95

    Our Price: $2.95

    Suspenders Trousers M-1950, made June 1952 by E & M Fabric Co. OD color, elastic with 2 hooks. Perfect for your M-1951 wool trousers, Etc. New Genuine Government Issue. Learn More

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