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  1. Ghillie Suit

    Ghillie Suit

    Starting at: $64.95

    5 pc Ghillie Suit: 
    • Includes hood, jacket, pants and gun cover
    • Elastic and Drawstring in pant waist
    • Elastic waist and cuff in jacket
    • Easy Snap closure on jacket
    • Adjustable chin strap in hood
    • Includes drawstring carry pouch
    • Fire Retardant
    • Lightweight
    • Available in Woodland or Desert Camo
    Learn More
  2. Gator Kukri Machete

    Gator Kukri Machete

    Our Price: $29.95

    Designed for utility, the Gerber Gator Kukri is based on a traditional tool of Central Asia, with subtle updates for modern use, including an ergonomic handle shape, slip-proof grip, and hefty full tang construction to stand up to repeated heavy use. Its distinctive shape—pointed tip, wide midsection, narrow neck near the handle—comes from centuries of use as a multi-purpose tool that could double as protection.
    3-Way Tool
    Heavy duty enough to withstand serious cutting and make short work of everything from tall grass to small tree limbs, the hefty 12-inch blade’s unique curved shape offers three specific sections. Its pointed tip pokes and pierces with accurate ease. The wide midsection chops wood or vegetables powerfully and cleanly. The narrow area above the handle allows for wood carving or whittling of kindling. Made of corrosion resistant 1050 Steel, with full tang construction for durability, the Gator Kukri’s balance of weight and shape create a powerful combo.
    Slip-Free Grip
    The ergonomic Gator Grip handle sits comfortably in your hand, offering a secure, tactile grip for confident cutting, whether conditions are wet or dry. A wrist lanyard offers an extra measure of insurance when you’re hard at work swinging.
    Rugged Carrying Sheath
    The rugged nylon sheath keeps the blade from getting banged up when not in use, and features belt loop and D-ring attachments for carrying on your hip or lashing to a pack Learn More


    Our Price: $3.99

  4. Face Paint 3 Color

    Face Paint 3 Color

    Our Price: $4.99

    Face Paint 3 Color- Has Creme, tan, green with a mirror on the inside of the lid. Learn More
  5. European Snow Poncho

    European Snow Poncho

    Our Price: $14.95

    European Snow Poncho: Genuine issue for the military, these snow covers give superior camouflaging without taking up needed pack space. Spruce-on-white camo pattern blends into snow-covered woodlands for concealment. 100% cotton construction drapes from the top of your head all the way to the ground for full-coverage, and tie-off points prevent excessive flapping and movement in high winds. One Size fits most. New, never worn. $14.95 each Learn More
  6. European Military Snow Camo Jacket

    European Military Snow Camo Jacket

    Our Price: $14.95

    European Military Snow Camo Jacket, non insulated. Great for hunting! Brand New, size Large. Zip top jacket with drawstring hood. Double snap breast pocket. Learn More
  7. eGear Bear Bell with Magnetic Silencer

    eGear Bear Bell with Magnetic Silencer

    Our Price: $2.49

    * Alerts animals to your presence * Magnetic silencer included * 1-1/2" diameter hook and loop strap attaches to clothing or backpacks * Color of bell: Black * Weight: 1.2 oz Learn More
  8. Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Packs

    Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Packs

    Starting at: $199.00

    Packs with similar features, the X4 HiSpeed and the X3 LoDrag are designed to be highly functional, minimalist, lightweight tactical packs. The X3 is a variation of our popular X1A1 model, and incorporates a tactical weapon-sized scabbard (AR-10 with magazine Leupold Mk-4 scope is being carried in the pack in this photo). The HiSpeed and LoDrag have a unique contour shape that tapers at both the top and the bottom, giving the pack an excellent close-to-the-body ride. The packs are fully compressible with pairs of side-mounted compression straps that draw the load upward to optimally position the pack's contents over the wearer's center-of-gravity. The pack is super comfortable, with generous lumbar and kidney padding, excellent ventilation, and our Shooter's Harness.Dimensions: 22"h x 11"w x 8.5"d Learn More
  9. Eberlestock X2 Pack  COLOR DRY EARTH

    Eberlestock X2 Pack COLOR DRY EARTH

    Our Price: $189.00

    Eberlestock X2 Pack available in Dry Earth cordura NOTE COLOR NOT SHOWN. The X2 is a tough little pack with big pack features. Like oversized compression straps for lashing on a heavy load. Dual hydration compartments. Quick-access pockets for spotting scopes and tripods. And best of all, a unique tubular aluminum Intex(TM) frame. Other major features include: Ample FlexChassis™ which can flip forward for use as a seat or cradle loads you strap to the pack. Perfect platform for our ARCG ButtBucket™, for carrying a compound bow. Designed to accept either our A1SS or A2SS Side Scabbards, to carry either shotguns or full-scale hunting rifle. Padlock webbing tie-points in key locations for accessory attachment and lashing on gear. "Shooter Harness," which is both thinner for shooting, and more comfortable for heavier loads. Actual weight = 4.5 lbs Learn More
  10. Eberlestock X1E Euro Model Packs

    Eberlestock X1E Euro Model Packs

    Starting at: $199.00

    The X1E is carefully made with premium components, thoughtfully laid out. With our exclusive patented Quickdraw Backscabbard, and just enough pockets to organize your essentials. Features include: * Deep scabbard accommodates a full-scale hunting rifle. * Padlock webbing tie-points all over the pack, including on the larger "mainline" waistbelt. * "Shooter's harness" is vertically adjustable for varying torso lengths, and is both thinner for shooting, and more comfortable for heavier loads. * Handles on 3 sides make it easy to pick the pack up, especially when retrieving it from your trunk. * Hydration compatible pocket on opposite side from scabbard (please note, we recommend the WB2L two-liter bladder for this pack; our WXP3L has a plastic cross-bar that makes it a little too wide for the X1's pocket. If you prefer a 3-liter bladder, you can just store it in the upper main compartment, using the fold-down shelf to hold it elevate in the pack) Dimensions: 22.5"h x 11"w x 7"d Learn More

Items 71 to 80 of 99 total

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