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Military DCM D 450 II Headphones

Military DCM D 450 II Headphones

Product Review (submitted on March 19, 2011):
I'm pretty sure these are rebadged Sennheiser HD450IIs, a pretty nice consumer grade headphone from the early to mid 90's. Very solid packaging.

Sound is good; they were never $250 phones but they'll kick the spit out of cheap earbuds.

On mine, there were two issues worthy of note that I would like to have known about.

1. The foam that's on the *outside* of the actual speaker body (visible in the cutouts on the backs of the driver units in the photo) is aging and getting dry/delicate. I think it's mostly aesthetic, so whatever, but...

2. In the photo, you can see that the stereo end of the cord is a gold plated 1/4" plug. This is actually an adapter which is snapped onto the stereo mini plug that's formed into the actual cable end.

2a) That's a nice feature.