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Child's Gas Mask Model PDF-D

Child's Gas Mask Model PDF-D


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Child's Gas Mask Model PDF-D Size SMALL
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Child's Gas Mask Model PDF-D Size XXLARGE Bin 619
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: Brand new Gas Masks, type PDF-D(Child). Masks and Filters are all NEW in excellent condition. Each comes with a carrying bag, filter (SEALED) and anti-fog inserts. Masks are designed for NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) warfare protection in case of attack. Designed for general population, this mask is simple to use by someone without military training. (Military gas masks are designed for trained military personnel and have different filters for different tactical situations). Factory sealed filter is for Nuclear (Fallout), Chemical (Nerve Gases & aerosols) and Biological Agents (examples - Smallpox, Anthrax, Plague, Ebola etc.).Close fitting soft rubber with excellent respiratory and eye protection. Indefinite shelf life. Easy to put on. Every vehicle, office and home should have one of these for each person to protect against biological disaster, nuclear accident or explosion, chemical spills or toxic fumes. CHILD'S SIZE XXLARGE AVAILABE!

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