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First Aid Kits

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  1. Hikers First Aid Kit

    Hikers First Aid Kit

    Our Price: $18.99

    The Hikers First Aid kit is a three (3) compartment fanny pack that offers easy access to the contents. The kit is compact and lightweight (weighs 1.50 lbs) and is packed with items to help in many cases of injury when hiking. The bag folds out all the way and offers, with all its pockets, a good overview of the contents. It has two carrying handles for ease of use.
    Skin and Eye Wash 1
    Hand Soap 1
    Bandage Strips - 2" x 3" 3
    Elastic Bandage - 2" 2
    Bandage Strips - 1" x 3" 16
    Triangular Bandage 1
    Instant Ice Pack 1
    Sterile Sponges - 4" x 4" 1
    Pain Relievers 6
    Scissors 1
    Tweezers 1
    Knuckle Bandages 5
    Eye Pad 1
    Safety Pins 6
    Adhesive Tape Roll 2
    Antiseptic Wipes 6
    Latex Gloves (pair) 1
    Clean Wipes 6
    Triple Antibiotic Wipes 2
    Alcohol Wipes 6
    Iodine Wipes 6
    EFA First Aid Book 1
    Fist Aid Cream 2
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  2. Home First Aid Box Kit

    Home First Aid Box Kit

    Our Price: $17.99

    General Purpose First Aid Kit. Kit includes: 1 8oz hydrogen peroxide, 3 2x6yds bdge gauze, 1 6 elastic bdge, 2 4 x 4 sterile pad, 3 knuckle bandage, 1 eye pad, 16 bandage strip 1 x3, 1 ice pack, 1 tweezers, 1 scissor, 6 safety pins, 1 surgipad 8x7 1/2, 1 first aid instructions, 1 pair of latex gloves, 4 aspirin, 1 first aid cream, 1 triple antibiotic, 1 1/2 tape, 3 alcohol wipes, 3 iodine wipes, 3 antiseptic wipes, 3 clean wipe, 1 triangular bdge, 1 irrigation syringe, 1 water tight container. New, ONLY $17.99 Learn More
  3. Home/Office First Aid Kit /FA116

    Home/Office First Aid Kit /FA116

    Our Price: $16.99

    The Home and Office First Aid Kit is a great kit for everyday use, the handy plastic case makes it a great kit to keep around the house or at the office.

    This useful box has two layers and multiple compartments for organized storage of the contents. Therefore the kit is very easy and convienient in use.

    NOTE: The color of the buckle and carry handle may differ.

    The Home and Office First Aid Kit measures 12 in. x 5 in. x 6 in., and weights
    2.7 lbs. The kit comes shrink wrapped with content list.

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  4. Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool

    Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool

    Our Price: $54.99

    Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool-With the new Rebar, Leatherman fans will immediately recognize the iconic box-like shape found in Tim Leatherman's original PST design. The Rebar pliers have been optimized for strength and feature replaceable wire/hard-wire cutters—a first for a four-inch tool from Leatherman. With all the features to get even the toughest jobs done, in a smaller, slimmer size, the new Rebar is sure to be an instant hit on job sites and home projects the world over.
    Rebar Tools Include:
    Needlenose Pliers
    Regular Pliers
    154CM Replaceable Wire Cutters
    154CM Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
    Electrical Crimper
    Wire Stripper
    420HC Knife
    420HC Serrated Knife
    Awl w/ Thread Loop
    Ruler (8 in | 19 cm)
    Can Opener
    Bottle Opener
    Wood/Metal File
    Phillips Screwdriver
    Large Screwdriver
    Small Screwdriver Learn More

Items 25 to 28 of 67 total

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